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Man sues landlord over lead

Posted by Administrator (admin) on Oct 31 2008 at 5:16 PM
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An Aurora man is suing his landlord after his three young children were sickened by eating lead-based paint chips in their apartment.

Tyre Davis, living in a home owned by Ismael Quintana II in the 500 block of East Downer Place, has filed a lawsuit in Kane County this month. The suit claims that David’s 3 children – ages 4, 3 and 1 – ate loose and fallen paint chips, which contained lead in high concentration.

Davis had to pay for surgical and medical treatments to try for curing the children’s injuries, the lawsuit states. However, the suit does not clarify how the children were injured and what sort of surgery was required to cure them.

According to the lawsuit, Quintana painted walls, window frames and halls in the first week of June with lead-based paint.

Lead Poisoning Prevention Act of 1973 strictly prohibits the application of lead-based paints to any exposed surface of a dwelling, or in or around the exposed surfaces of a child-care facility or other structure frequented by children.

The suit alleges that Quintana didn’t take proper care while painting the apartment and failed to warn the residents about the lead-based paint.

Davis’ attorney didn’t comment.


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